First thing I see leaving the front door. I love autumn.

Recognizing intersections and taking a different turn.

You can feel it in your bones. You arrived at the same situation, the same feeling, the same thought where you are bound to make a decision, taking a turn in the road. You are driving fast though and the choice doesn’t feel like a choice at all. It’s like your foot is glued to the gas pedal. After all there is a place you want to be, you have to be.

You are constantly trying to make progress thus never satisfied with your status quo, because it feels like a status quo, although it’s not. You are always in…

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What makes you you?

Is it the last moment you experienced?

Is it your last conversation?

The last thing a human said to you?

The last thought or feeling you had?

What makes you you?

Just think about it and you will enter the rabbit hole. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your talents, even if you don’t feel like you are there yet. Go the little steps forward. Moment for moment for moment.

What makes you you?

Never stop asking that question. Become an active creator of your life instead of a passive robot. …

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By serving those around you.

Who wouldn’t want to live on an island all by himself? Ask Crusoe. Jokes aside, I often think if only there would be no humans except me, life would be so much easier. Well. Life also wouldn’t be enjoyable the way it is. I would have to slaughter all the yummy chickens, milk the cows, travel south to pick me some avocados and understand all technology by myself and would not even come close to the comfort I enjoy today on a daily basis.

Okay you could choose to become a hermit and live on your own expenses. Still you…

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3 things.

Do you experience this situation? You wake up, finish your routine and ask yourself what to do next? I know you don’t, because you actually have a life and need to go to work. But what about the students and the workless?!

Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your time. Shit I think I am wasting my time about thinking not to waste my time. Hmmm. Let’s look at my phone.


Yeah, yeah, that would be a waste of time, you’re right. Puhhh.

You wanted to write this article remember?

But somehow I don’t feel…

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5 seconds that can change your life.

Before you engage in any activity you have to make sure you meet it with the correct mindset to spend your time effectively.

Begin by asking yourself the following question.

What is your incentive to start the activity?

Do you want to get a better status so you are bound to receive praise? Are you goal orientied in this sense or do you really enjoy the activity and do it out of pleasure with no end result in mind?

Come on, I challenge you today. Don’t put this matter of like you are used to. Try to get real here…

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Change your perspective.

See emotions for what they are. A reaction to a situation inside or outside of your head. You cannot do anything else or do more than react. This is not where the judgment of good and bad lies. That is a fact and is neutral. Just like a tree that grows and stands there, judging neither good nor bad. This is a part of life that you don’t need to be ashamed of and that you shouldn’t try hard to control.

By this, I do not mean to throw all principles of self-control overboard, but to refrain from isolation from…


An image that came to my mind.

Thoughts are like points. They appear on an infinitely large black canvas. These dots are of different sizes, have different colors and suddenly appear and then disappear again. Our focus is like a large magnifying glass. A magnifying glass, so to speak, which, however, flies over the entire field from further away, over several points at once and does not consider any particular point. So you don't feel a thought in the moment, because the focus is not on a specific point. So the thoughts disappear as quickly as they emerged. Only when we zoom in with our focus on…

Trading 2D informations vs 3D truth

While it is important to know what is going on around you locally and globally, the TV screen and newspapers might not be your trusted medium of choice anymore. When freedom of speech gets raped down to following the given narrative, enforced by companies and the state, it messes with your head.

In the first place, the question of right and wrong arises. Everyone picks up 2D information and operates accordingly upon them in 3D space. Prejudice and rumors are born. Our perception about something or someone changes with given informations.

But can this information really be trusted? Answering this…

Magic that happens between the lines.

The system in my head is unique. The way I feel, think and do things, developed over the course of my young adult life.

Same goes for you. You have an unique world view and method of navigating through life.

The ability to perceive the 3D world and move around freely, a lot of things cross our minds to digest, think about and react to.

Yet the focus - my focus, as I realized, often lies only in context to my own created belief system. …

Tobias Macha

High on Life. Self-help junkie. Music-lover. Momentum-seeker. Love being the dumbest in the room. Motto: Smile. Live. Create.

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