me being on a walk

What is energy and how you can spend it better — including 3 real life scenarios.

What is energy?

The reason you could wake up today, enjoy a meal and open this article was due to your body carrying out instructions by your brain which both run on energy. This energy is gained by consuming food, that contains fats, carbohydrates and proteins, which is measured in kilocalories.

According to…

I couldn’t believe it.

There she was, laying on my bed, with her usual sleepy face, silver fur and golden eyes, as I wanted to get some sleep.

She would run away surely I thought, as she always does when someone gets too close.

To my surprise, she didn’t move…

A drawing I did as a kid (found in the blue folder)

About Memories, Challenges and Change.

Amid the sounds of long forgotten memories I doze off…

New Year 2020.

It was time to move.

Back to my parents that is. I finished my studies and planned on spending the next year working & travelling in New Zealand. What a beautiful country! I would visit Bilbo’s…

Bursting bubbles in Dresden at Altmarkt

New Year’s Resolution.

I wish you a very happy and fulfilled new year.

Never forget, that you are wonderful and that there is a reason for you to be here.

Whatever you struggled with in 2020, there is a new light rising over the horizon.

It’s soon gonna be 2021. A year that…

Tobias Macha

High on Life. Self-help junkie. Music-lover. Momentum-seeker. Love being the dumbest in the room. Motto: Smile. Live. Create.

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