No smoking for 30 days

What went through my head and how I am feeling now.

Those challenges make me stronger as I take them head on. Therefore, the ultimate goal in life is not to feel good all the time but to make progress.

When you get this, you suddenly start to view your whole life from a different perspective. It’s not about reaching goals, like not smoking for x days or avoid eating unhealthy things. Don’t get me wrong, it is great if you set yourself up with those ambitions. But problems arise, when you fail to meet your expectations of never failing. Let me tell you this. It’s not about reaching your goals. It’s about the process, your everyday decisions, your lifestyle, the little steps that will shape your life. Maybe you had a bad day, maybe you fell back into old patterns. But you know exactly, you are back on track next thing in the morning, because it is not your goal to be perfect, but to make the hard decisions every day that lead you to a better life.

Smoking isn’t freedom, it is slavery. You pay with your longterm health for shortterm pleasure.

Smoking is an addiction. Ask yourself, why your are smoking. For me it was the social aspect of having fun, having a break and coping with my anxiety. Those are fat lies that are sold to us on a daily basis but you don’t need to smoke to be cool, to have fun, to relax, to socialize or to cope with your life. You don’t fix your problems with a smoke. You avoid them for a short time, which leads to bigger problems. Same thing applies to alcohol. For me it was the mental aspect of smoking. Of course the nicotine cravings will fuck you up the first couple of days of quitting. But soon the body starts to clean itself and adapt to the new lifestyle, although your lungs will take their time to fully recover from the toxins of course. The main problem that remains, are your mental triggers. Those you can hardly suppress. Your only chance is to identfy them and change your response.

High on Life. Self-help junkie. Music-lover. Momentum-seeker. Love being the dumbest in the room. Motto: Smile. Live. Create.